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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases in Comfort
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Here's how ClearComfort intelligent window insulation will save energy, greenhouse gases and your money, while improving comfort.

Saving energy

If you have ever thought about saving heating and cooling energy in the home you would have reached the conclusion that double glazing your windows is a good idea. In most cases heating and cooling is the largest single energy use in the home. In many homes windows are in fact the largest single source of heat gain and loss.

Unfortunately if you then checked the cost of replacing your existing single glazed windows with conventional double glazing, you would have found that it just isn't economical in an existing home.

If you were able to improve your window insulation, what would it mean to you?

The problem is that double glazing is expensive, but now there is now a DIY low cost alternative, ClearComfort intelligent window insulation.

How it works

ClearComfort intelligent window insulation

ClearComfort intelligent window insulation traps a layer of air between the existing glass and a thin transparent polymer sheet. This air acts as insulation and reduces the amount of heat going out of the window in winter and reduces the amount of heat coming in the window in summer. The ClearComfort system performs as well as clear double glazing. This means you can increase your timber framed window from two to three and a half stars (out of a maximum of 5). Similarly the star rating of aluminium windows increases. This means that you are more comfortable and that you use less energy to heat and cool.

The main advantages of the ClearComfort system

The thin polymer sheet of intelligent insulation, is attached to the window frame using adhesive tape, trapping an insulating layer of still air. This is a DIY process and so keeps the cost down. The system will often pay for itself in reduced heating and cooling costs within a few months.* This means you get the increase in comfort for free!

What does Better Homes and Gardens think?

As they said on Better Homes and Gardens 'it's a simple principle. An enclosed cavity of air that increases heat retention.' To see what they think, go to Stay warm and save money. (Scroll down to 'Easy-does-it film double glazing').

Get your ClearComfort Intelligent Window Insulation on line now and get free shipping!

For more details on installation, got to How to Install ClearComfort film

* Actual payback period for ClearComfort intelligent window insulation will depend on, time of year fitted, climate, house design, and your pattern of heating and cooling use.

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